About Me

Welcome to Her Magic Grace!

I go by Majesstik Grace, Although my real name is Jesyka.

I’m the mother of our three year old Starseed, Mia and married to my partner Cj.

We were all born and raised in San Diego, CA where I began my healing practice in December of 2017.

I heard a DEEP calling and stirring in my Soul after my beloved Sister-in-law and Best Friend of 14 years passed away tragically in a car accident.

I have been committed to a Soul Aligned, Spiritual-based life ever since, and this is what has emerged since awakening in 2012.



It’s been a great unraveling for me, and deep surrendering process to my own worth,

value and Divine presence.

I share with you my most authentic Self at any time, as best as I know how, and offer you

my own trials and tribulations as a way of helping you embody more of who you are


I enjoy giving people permission to do what sets their souls on fire,

to break outside of the status-quo and to bravely walk within their Truth.

I have a GREAT passion for working with Intuitive mothers and babies because I know

what it feels like to overcome feelings of  being disempowered,

to feel judged and out of place and have walked the life of breaking myself free and putting

my own set of rules into place aside from my own families, and societies roles on me,

thus now bringing you my own healing to you!

I know what it’s like to have a highly sensitive empathetic little jewel who needs special

loving care through food allergies, sensitivities, being highly tuned in and magical


Navigating the ins and out of modern day motherhood.

I know what it’s like healing all of those wounds that told me I wasn’t worthy,

that had me second guessing my intuitive feelings and overcoming a tremendous fear of

disappointing others.

I can tell you I’ve risen from the depths of co-dependency to now knowing true freedom

and independence!

I want you to know that you ARE loved, supported and you CAN build the life that FEELS

GOOD to you as a mommy, as a wife and as a sister! YOU CAN! YOU yourself ARE

WORTHY of being FREE!

Know that you are safe you are loved and that YOU MAMA are amazing!!!!

Never hesitate to reach out, ask me any questions at any time.

I’m here to support you with deep, loving, connections and intentions that are in TOTAL

alignment with who we are, unapologetically!

It’s a great, humbling honor to be serving you in your incredible life, and I can’t wait to get started in getting to know you better.


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Looking forward to connecting with you! 


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