Majesstik Grace

I created Her Magic Grace  as a way of connecting, empowering, and liberating women,

families, and especially Mother’s into their OWN ideas of what freedom is like

in the 5D world and what feels good to them in raising their incredible energy savvy families.

We are building lives free from time constraints, the hustle, stress, worry, doubt, fear and

other lower vibrations from running our lives and breaking free and outside of those

societal norms for a more harmonious, easeful way of living and being in the world for the world!

We lean on trust in the Divine, our intuitions and our connectedness to everyone and

everything around us for ourselves and for our families.

We love and honor each other as the same and not one above the other.

I enjoy creating safe, fun spaces where these enlightened women and families feel held,

heard, seen and supported in their families missions, while making a social and societal

impact through our very BEing, uniqueness and talents.  

To do this and how I offer my support is through hosting workshops, events, speaking

engagements and any opportunity to get the Spiritual community together, whether it be

online or in person.

I truly believe the more we empower ourselves as intuitive, sentient beings together as

families,  with our natural gifts and talents, the more of a difference we can make in this

world and shift entirely into a new way of Being collectively and to help serve the world

liberating ourselves one person, one mother, one man, one child at a time.

But it begins with US individually. Bravely, and courageously, trusting in our intuitive

guidance and leaning into who we truly are to achieve this 5th dimensional world. 

If this is something you want to uncover for yourself in your life, whether it be work or personal,

I offer individual healing sessions within my service titled “The Container” or an 8 week

one on one intensive program called “Foundations”.

These services keep you in alignment and in touch with your purpose, your calling, and

keeps you aligned and in service within your own energy and helps you bring forth what

is in your heart and what is in your soul. 

I value collaboration, integrity, and alignment in ALL and everything.

I THOROUGHLY enjoy and invite chances for us to work together in what FEELS good for

us to elevate and expand in the most heart and soul aligned way whether it be personally

or professionally.

Let everyday be the gift it’s intended to be and play in the realms of ease and grace for ourselves and others! Cheers!

Hit SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel and subscribe to email newsletters to stay up to date and informed on these Spiritual Healing events online and in person if you are in the San Diego,CA area. 


If you’re feeling the call to connect, please schedule a  FREE Zoom meeting here. 

Lots of love, 



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