Welcome to Her Magic Grace!

I’m at it again with this blogging and business thing.

This is my third (or fourth) blog site, third business entity and my very first official post here!


I’m excited to be with you on this new adventure and I welcome you to Her Magic Grace.

If you don’t know me personally, my name is Jesyka.

I’m born and raised in San Diego where I currently work and live. I have a family of 3, Mia, Cj and I. My daughter gave me my life.

I’ll talk a lot about them here that’s for sure, back to Her Magic Grace.

I came to do energy healing back in September of 2017 after I got Reiki I attuned.

I started practicing on myself and some family members and quickly realized it was much more than just your typical Reiki healing.

I started to feel, sense, hear, see, and talk to other worldly things while in session.

It wasn’t just MY magic, it was HER magic.

Mama Earth took over and all the beautiful celestial energies did too.

I’ve been on this incredible path to offer my healing to anybody willing to step into my field of transformation. I AM Her Magic Grace and I thank you for being here.

I am honored we’ve crossed paths, and I wish you all the well.

Never hesitate to reach out to ask me any questions.

I’m an open book.

I realize we aren’t on this mission alone, and we need as much help as we can get uncovering our magic.

That’s why I bring you Magic Mentorship and all other products and services that I do.


You are Divine Being of Love and Magic. You just have to remember who you are. Who you truly are.

Love and blessings,



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