Shamanic Healing or Something

I never knew I had it in me.

I didn’t know until I did my own healing and unraveling.

I didn’t wake up one day and say, “OH, I think I’m going to do Shamanic Healings!”

It just kinda happened.

After losing my Best friend and sister-in-law Jeannie May of 2017 to severe head injuries, I had another jolting awakening.

It said, “There isn’t enough time, tomorrow is never promised, now get to work!”

Whoa! Yeah. What the fuck was I waiting for?

Why not pursue the life I had always dreamed of?

Why the fuck not play with magic and find out what my innate gifts are?

Why not just GO for whatever?

I AM the creator here.


After feeling all the feelings of loss and sadness something inside of me said go get Reiki Certified.

After being in that bad place, receiving some energy healing and Spiritual guidance from some close friends, I decided that yes, I would do that for my own healing and my family’s sake.

So I got my Reiki I certificate.

Then all of sudden one day, while doing Reiki on somebody, something not of this world took over the healing.

“Whoa,” I thought to myself, but I just let it happen because my instinct said, “just let go and see.”

I felt a big rush of energy moving my hands over this person’s body and this person started to feel this thing too but we both kinda just let it be to see where it was going and then, woosh, a huge release and energy surged through me and, poof, out was whatever energy block was clearing.

We both couldn’t believe what had just happened as this person was new to the whole energy healing thing too……

That sensation alone felt like success to realize the type of energy that was coming through me.

Letting Go

Just letting go is not necessarily an uncommon theme for me.

I had also just started leaning into being Galactic-ally inclined so to speak.

They were the ones cheering me on after discovering that, yes, indeed, they are the ones I had been fearing for so long in my life when really they’re there helping me!

But they asked me to just let go, and now there I was again just leaning into their presence as I was doing this session.

After that session and after I moved past the fear and the initial, “what the… “

I started listening to my guidance and started listening to those little inklings and what they were saying to me.

No sooner did I end up finding my first Spiritual Mentor to help guide me and my new found gifts.

She was amazing for me!

She taught me about owning me, being a healer, what it means for me and my family, feeling worthy of pulling in so much energy, and holding space for other people to be even BE doing the healing work.


I will never forget the moment I was asking her to take me under her wing, to show me the ropes of this healing thing.

“I have been waiting for you, this perfect moment, to tell you that I need you.” I said to her. Fuck. That took every single being of me to step into that kind of vulnerability at that time.

And that wouldn’t be the first time I’d have to get on my knees in Surrender needing to be taken, just letting go of everything holding me back.

I never used to be this soft, this gentle, this tender and raw as I am here with you today.

But I have fucking WORKED on myself to be this person, to do this healing work, and to start teaching other people how to do the same for themselves!

And now here I am claiming, “Shamanic Healing”, or something.

The name itself is still unsettling.

There are a-lot of cultural, historical, feelings and beliefs around this titling, but honestly, until I find “a better” name, that’s what I’m doing, and that’s the name I am using.

I AM SO not claiming SHAMAN, as for me, that is an honor and right to be given to me by my community.

“Shamanic Healing” fully encapsulates the energy, the healing, the wounding, the ancient wisdom coming through me for all of the other dimensions provided for me and the work that we are doing in a very Sacred, harmonious container together.

Sometimes, there’s singing.

Sometimes there’s clapping.

Sometimes, there’s channeling.

How ever the work is being done to harmonize my clients energy, I get the job done.

And I don’t mean to brag, that’s just my reality and the scope of who I am.


I didn’t ask to be this thing. I just am.

And I am enjoying this healing process. I’m enjoying stepping into this role. I’m enjoying being of service to friends, family and strangers.

This work is SO fun for me!

I’m enjoying my path and where it might take me.

Because it ain’t over.

I know there is more for me.

I know there is still so much to know. I Am a student of life, and I will never claim to have all the answers for me.

I just have to put myself out there more authentically as I am here now today.

Surrendering into my calling and doing the work I am called to do.

It really puts me at peace.

So I would LOVE to know, for conversations sake, how does the term, ” Shamanic Healing ” feel to you? Is it still a mystery? Does it feel unfriendly? What does this term mean?

And, hopefully, maybe, based off of your responses, I can find something that would better suit me. I just never know.

Also, tell me, what types of powers are you using that you are not feeling comfortable in? Anything you’re doing, or hoping to do, in your personal or professional life that has you feeling unworthy? Or stuck in not doing?

How can we move through these things together? I would LOVE to know!



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