My Name Doesn’t Sound Right

Oh my what an odd thing when your birth given name doesn’t sound like it’s you.

I’ve actually never liked my name.

It was the late 80’s and baby Jessica fell down the well……

I had literally been hiding the moment I was given that name you know?

And today, October 16th, the day baby Jessica was rescued from that space, I, Jesyka Casillas am no longer.

I Am Majesstik Grace Woolman.

Ah, there.

THAT sounds better. THAT’S me!

And no, that’s no coincidence nor was it planned out to have my name changed today,  the same day that she was rescued from below.

My guides, my counsel and my heart are all perfectly aligned pointing the way back into me.

I’ve been doing a lot of unfolding.

And I’m SO glad it’s came here.

Because all that I have known as true, is not mine to claim anymore.

My beliefs about myself, the way I used to “do” the things.

The way I even talk or go about my way in the world, is all different.

And that’s more than ok with me.

I feel stronger than ever. More confident than ever. More radiant, than. EVER.


And I’m married. I married the love of my life last week.

It’s not just me anymore. I’m one with my little family.

And it’s the most incredible thing.

I’m mommy, Matriarchy. Head woman of this household.

The way I want it to be. Without anybody saying how it “should” be outside of me.



Holy. Shit.

I’ve never allowed this much love into my life. ever.

And it feels so fucking GOOD!

No shame. No shame around what we are creating, how we’re doing it, or what we’re doing.


We only hear our voices now.

We only hear what’s good for us now.


It’s taken a while. And we’ve made some crazy moves recently.

But all to be one with ourselves in the end.

No outside voices. No boundaries. No boxes.

This is me.


Majesstik Grace Woolman

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