More on My Mission For Healing

What does Chakra Healing have to do with being a mommy? And why consider healing through the chakras yourself?

After the first year of being a mother, losing my best-friend and feeling so lost, to OWN that I am a Highly Sensitive, and intuitive as shit, that I am indeed a

Spiritual Being in a human body , to be comfortable with who my daughter was,

giving her her needs and tuning into what her cries were trying to telling me.

I had to get comfortable in my role as a Healer before

I could show her that she too was capable of being powerful in her gifts,

and that what she was experiencing was ok, and that her presence was everything.

We just needed to use our tools and take better care of ourselves emotionally, physically and psychically.

I stepped into my power,

she feels more comfortable in who she is, (powerful YouTube video on this)

my husband feels more confident too, and then we ALL thrive.

It’s a domino effect.

The work I do on myself FIRST has a direct impact on everyone else around me.

I give people permission to GROW.

What does this have to do with YOUR children?

Well, it may mean everything for you too.

When I was little they just labeled me as “weird”,

“too sensitive” and discounted all of the intuitive things I would say and do.

It was painful to be misunderstood and it made me angry and upset a lot of the times.

From the outside I looked like a shy, calm, introverted child.

Elementary school was awkward.

Middle School was more of the same.

And High School it was a wrap, I was hidden and way too deep in sadness to care about anything,

let alone myself.

I deflected a lot of attention by being goofy and a clown but deep down I just wanted to run and hide.

I wasn’t comfortable being in my body so I would look for any emotional escape.

Healing The Generations

Looking back, if my parents better understood themselves,

especially my father as he is a very intuitive, it would have made ALL the difference in the WORLD.

I wouldn’t have had ALL of these layers to strip away as an adult.

I would have been comfortable and confident in who I am,

and been able to be powerful in my own right from a VERY young age.

Could you imagine that? A world where our children don’t have to hide their precious gifts and they can just be seen in ALL their glory?

What type of impact would that have made to you in YOUR life

if your parents were confident, empowered and working their light out into the world?

I bet it would mean a lot.

and I bet your child is begging you to do this very thing RIGHT NOW.

Why I love The Work That I Do

Nobody talks about these things. Let alone in children.

So I became small, I hid.

I didn’t wanna speak. I didn’t wanna shine.

If I did, not only was I afraid of the environment around me for other reasons,

but it also made me stand out, and always was followed by, “your weird.”

And that hurt as a sensitive, empathetic being.

Even in a Catholic pre-school I LOVED the stories,

but stood off by myself most of the time out of fear of being “seen”.
I didn’t want the other kids to know my thoughts and feelings

about these ideas they were trying to teach us in the church even though

I wanted to scream out loud, “ BUT GOD LOVES US NO MATTER WHAT!”


AND CREATED everything!?! It Doesn’t make SENSE! HE WANTS US TO HAVE FUN!”

But the stories were great. I loved those. But to me, they always had a deeper meaning and a Lighter Truth.

I seek to work with mothers because they are the ones MOST closely caring for, and shaping the minds of our future generation!

Mama, you have SO much to offer your babe through your very own Being!!

By you shining your light you give EVERYONE permission to do the same, whether you are aware of it or NOT!

By YOU just being authentically and ORGANICALLY YOU

have the power to create CHANGE.

ALL the change we wish to see in this world.

My absolute motivating quote to the work that I do is this

“If we don’t take care of these babies we will not survive as a species”

Marianne Williamson Super Soul Sunday

And what I believe she means by that, is she’s calling out for Mothers to HEAL THEMSELVES, to love, honor and inspire our babies to do the same.

and by doing that, we create the ripple in the Universe and all around us for more of the same.

I know that if my father was allowed to follow his imagination

more through out his schooldays without being labeled,

without attaching any meaning to who he was authentically,

(a dyslexic hyoer aware little light being)

he would be an incredible inventor and innovator at the very LEAST!

He was one of the first in the 70’s to use fiber glass in body shop in High School.

He has incredible vision and foresight that could be put

to use in so many aspects of our life, possibly eve change the way we do math , but he was deemed “crazy” early on by his teachers and from those around his being. Nobody understood him.

And as a sensitive, empathic man, and being that wears on a person

that believes so much in what they have and knows their very own TRUTH.

Why I LOVE the healing work that I do is because when we heal ourselves,

we release ourselves of these constructs that society so often puts on us and accidentally forces us into,

and we become Light again, just the very day we were BORN.

We become Spiritually aware of everything around us.

Everything comes ALIVE with feeling and sensuality.

You become the change and the reason we all thrive!

And to me, that’s AMAZING!!

You’re amazing!

Thank you for being here and opening to the possibilities!

Now what?

So mamas, men, sisters, brothers, what would Chakra and Shamanic Healing do for you in your life?

What avenue of possibility can this take you down?

In what way can we open you up to more of your own light?

And how can you get started healing yourself to embody MORE of who you ACTUALLY ARE? That star light star bright you wish to be again.

I’d love to hear.

Please stop by the website and reach out to me with your beautiful story.

Because through you we can all heal a little ourselves.

If you’re wanting to find a tribe of other Mommies who are experiencing the same healing, come play with us at the Magic Mommies Monthly MeetUp!

February 2019 begins the first EVER 6 Week Healing Intensive to embody more of your own light if you’re feeling called to do this thing!

We’re at a critical mass point in our evolution, and we NEED you and your light.

Stay connected through email newsletters for more up to date offerings and happenings.

Also, visit the Chakra Series on YouTube and SUBSCRIBE for more Spiritual embodiment videos!

Sat Nam.

Majesstik Woolman

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