From Essential Oils to Healer: The Journey Into Vulnerability

This is a true story.

I will never forget the first time I entered into a mentorship experience for myself.

Almost immediately after I got Reiki I certified, I was in this place emotionally, mentally and physically, where I didn’t understand the energies I was working with, and the strength at which I was pulling these in was amplifying.

I felt REALLY lost, confused, overwhelmed, and I just KNEW I needed to reach out for help in working with them.

It just KEPT amplifying the more I practiced Reiki!

My healing hands got stronger with every client. I was bamboozled, mazed, in shock, and awe. Me? Why me? I would ask myself.

At that point also, I still didn’t quite understand, despite my very in tune intuition, what direct link it had to do with my parenting,

or even my relationship with my husband at the time like I do now.

But something inside of me said, Surrender, you need more help, let go, trust us.

So I did. I let go. I Surrendered into what the intuitive advice was saying to me.

Eventually, I knew what to do, when to do it, and I leapt.

Back in 2016 after I received my Reiki I Certification

I ended up buying a ticket to a three day retreat that my Essential Oils community was holding over the weekend. I KNEW I HAD to be there for some reason.

Little did I know, my first mentor would be there, none of my essential oils team was, which I was absolutely fine with, and there were a hand full of soul connections I knew I needed to make. I trusted the nudges.

I bought the ticket, booked the hotel, all on a nickels worth of money and a VERY short amount of time to commit.

I needed my husband to be there with the baby because we were still breastfeeding and couldn’t imagine leaving my then 18 month old with her daddy without me.

It would have been hard for me, but even harder for the two of them as we had never been apart at that age yet.

And something told me they had to be there too, to experience this with me.

When we checked in, I was excited!

I was ready to see what the Universe was conspiring for me, and how to navigate this experience. I was open, and I was in tune, just READY to receive.

We checked in to Room 111, got settled in, and got comfy as a family before I had to leave for the retreat mixer that evening.

Room Key 111

I got ready, anxiously said my good-byes and out the door I went.

I got lost on my way to the mixer of the first night of retreat, but that wasn’t anything and ended up having some fun, mingling and getting comfortable within this setting that I was not so comfortable in.

I was stuck in-between introducing myself as a healer, or a stay at home mommy, or an essential oils consultant, it was awkward thing for me to navigate.

But it turned out fine. I had a lot of fun that first night!

I got back early from the mixer, we ordered burgers that night, and on my way I got horribly lost which was odd because the burger joint was just down the street.

I became FURIOUS.

They gave us the wrong order, and we ended up ordering room service… they fudged everything up. That set the tone for the rest of the night….

My husband and I were anxious, out of our bodies and ready to go to sleep.

Bath time was a nightmare with our baby and we just wanted to wind down and catch some Z’s for the first official day of retreat.

It just wasn’t happening.

My baby was a total mess in this hotel room and I understood exactly why.

There were just TOO many energies coming in from the street, from above us in the other rooms, the halls ways, and anything that was left behind by cleaning ladies, visitors and god only knows what else being carried energetically in and out of that hotel space…

So not only was my baby reacting to her mommy and daddies anxious energy, she was reacting to ALL the other energies that have aid it’s place in that room.

I needed to get quiet.

My husband was so overwhelmed himself and I just didn’t know what else to do.

I diffused all the oils they said to do. I put on ALL the calming music that they recommend, and nothing. No dice. No sleeping baby.

So I meditated. HARD.

I had to “clean” sweep the room’s energies and ALL the other energies around the hotel room, above and below us.

It was SUCH a rookie of me to try and do this on my own Spiritually and energetically.

I hadn’t yet learned to invoke the help of Divine, loving energies for help. I didn’t get that quiet yet.

I exhausted myself trying to clear the room with my own Spirit, my own energies! UGH.

I will NEVER forget how tired I was the next day. Especially after going to bed very late..

But whatever I did in meditation worked, my baby fell asleep after I did my clean sweep, but I wasted every ounce of light energy I had within me doing it.

I didn’t even know how to replenish myself after that. YIKES!

So I relied on coffee the rest of the day. And tried to eat as healthful and plentiful as possible as a way of gaining back my energetic and mental strength.

I enjoyed my time at the retreat as the hours went by, absorbing up as much information as I could from these Essential Oil leaders within this community and trying to apply it to the business I was going to be leading very soon.

I was still in between.

Still very confused about everything and how it was going to work out. How was I going to enter into this mentorship and how is she going to assist me?

But I continued to Surrender into the moment.

It came to the day my then soon to be mentor would speak.

She was INCREDIBLE as always, speaking the truth, and awakening people to their own capacity. GEEZE. EVERY time I was around her it was like she UNDERSTOOD ME.

SHE could READ my mind.

SHE KNEW WHAT I was supposed to be doing. And that she did.

She gave her speech on Abundance, prosperity and money mind-set, I was there. At her level.

She did a guided meditation on our Higher Selves. I was there, at her level.

Shit, I said to myself. I HAVE to ask her for help!

So after she was done speaking, and leading the room in the Higher Self meditation where I saw myself working with energy in my Highest form, I sat in my chair and battled with myself.

“DO I ask this prolific women for help? How stupid does that sound? That sounds so weak and pathetic. What the hell do I even say?! Hey, I talk to aliens and I need your help…How CRAZY does that SOUND?!…… “

“But she understands,” a voice from “behind me” said. “Leap.”

So I leapt (again) trusting that everything will fall into place. This was the biggest place of vulnerability and nakedness I have EVER experienced in my life and remains so til this day as I had NEVER had to ask for help in this way before.

I had been too stuck on perfectionism, not needing, wanting nor accepting this kind of loving help from ANYONE before. So I leapt, and trusted that it would ALL be ok.

“OK,” so I courageously got up from my chair, marched out the door she went out of, and ran into her in the hallway….. I almost peed myself with fear.

“Can we talk privately?” I asked, “Sure,” She replied.

Mother Ship in the sky after entering into my first Mentorship

I searched around the event space where the retreat was being held to find THE MOST desolate place to have this conversation.

I let myself unload into a million pieces in her presence. She was a natural at holding this kind of space.

“I’ve been talking to aliens since I was little and ever since I got Reiki certified it’s amplified and now I have a FULL ON relationship with them healing me and the people that I work with! But now I don’t understand what’s happening I feel so lost and confused, I KNOW this is what I’m supposed to be doing, but please, just help me! I don’t know where else to go.”

It all came spewing out of me. Like a leaky faucet that had just been dripping until the screws started coming loose and it became a FULL BLOWN fire hydrant.

I was sobbing uncontrollably as if a physical release was happening, which, it was, I had been hiding that and holding that back for SO long.

“Ok, well, how do we work this out?” She replied simply.

And my body relaxed, it felt like I could breathe when I didn’t even realize I was holding my breath that intensely, my shoulders relaxed and I let out a little smile. “She saw me,” I thought to myself.

And we talked about the logistics behind her helping me learn how to work these energies, what they meant and how to bring them into a private practice.

Luckily, she had been on the market for a personal assistant and I’d be working for her in exchange for her gracious mentorship.

I trusted. I Surrendered. And I had leapt into the next greatest chapter of my life.

I transformed that very minute I started speaking to her.

I shifted the very second our conversation was done.

I Up-leveled the minute I sat back down in my chair at the retreat.

I felt a sense of peace and calmness afterwards.

I couldn’t even explain what had happened there to my husband until weeks later it was simply magical.

A star ship of confirmation for me near by ❤

And now, about a little over a year later, I’m offering the same type of reprieve to the world.

I am beyond grateful for this path of awakening and supporting magical beings in their passion and their purpose.

I’m grateful to be helping mothers tune-in and be of service to their Starseeds and their families.

I’m grateful to be shedding light on a topic that is SO taboo, but is necessary to anchor in this type of intelligence for the next steps in our collective evolution.

It fills my heart with the upmost gratitude and joy to be serving you in your journeys and your paths, wherever they want to lead you, whatever you heart songs are.

I do this because I’ve been there and know what it’s like to become and HIGHLY want to serve those who are there at the brink of change and transformation.

So if you could step into any ONE part of yourself just a LITTLE more today, if you could lean into vulnerability and ask somebody for what you NEED, what would it be? What would that look and feel like?

Comment below, I’d love to hear!

Sat Nam.Majesstik Woolman

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