What does being in Alignment mean?

And what does it have to do with manifesting?

What is it like being in Alignment with the life you are trying to create?
Why does it feel like life can be HARD sometimes?
How do we redirect this energy in a more positive way?

Let’s examine what it’s like to be in alignment with the life you’re creating and how GOOD it feels to be in this flow of life.

Let’s say you’re wanting to create something new in your life, whether it be a business, a new lifestyle, or build new foundations for you and your family.

Once you get CLEAR, down to every detail on what it looks like on what you need what you want and HOW you want it to feel, (a.k.a visualization)

ANYTHING less than what you have imagined for yourself is a NO,

because it’s crystal clear to you what you need, what you want, and HOW you want to feel!

You already know the answers to what you are seeking once you gain this type of conscious clarity with life and the Universe.

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz: Protection, Unconditional Love, Grace & Clarity

THAT’S what we Spiritual Teachers, seekers and doers mean by being in alignment. (and also a hint of Manifesting).

It’s being laser focused and clear in your body, mind, and Your Spirit on what is good for you, your highest and greatest good and what you are TRULY desiring and co-creating out of life (the manifesting part).

Anything that does NOT match this idea of what you need, want and desire, and HOW you long to FEEL is being done out of fear.

It’s out of alignment, it isn’t loving energy and this fear, is taking up energetic space in your life!

It becomes difficult to manifest, it becomes strenuous, and HARD to live life, it becomes hard to trust in the timing of everything,

it makes it difficult to RECEIVE that at which you’re desiring, and sometimes can even be OVERWHELMING in everyday life.

For example, answering a phone call from somebody that continuously angers and upsets you.

While there are multiple layers to this aspect, let’s examine it from alignments sake.

Two people are ALLOWED not to get along. (Spirituality doesn’t teach you that much most of the time.)

Sometimes there are karmic imprints that are meant to be fulfilled on both sides.
Somebody is meant to say “NO. I’m not doing this.”
“This isn’t good for me.”
“It doesn’t FEEL good to me.”
“I’m moving on with my life.”

This the HARDNESS of the relationship is telling you that this person, is out of alignment with whom you are meant to be and what you are TRULY wanting (that clarity part).

Of course, there are the mirroring aspects as to which you may be meant to learn more about yourself through them, or the triggering aspects as to which these triggers are wounds that are meant to be healed through, however, when ALL of these aspects are exhausted,
and there are no other charges to be examined,
it’s time to pull the energetic plug.
It’s time to say NO.
It’s time to set a boundary and clear out the energetics between you and this things that is out of alignment so that you may invite, and introduce more loving,
forgiving, and healthy Qi energy back into the area of your life where this said person, place or thing was taking up too much energetic space.

It makes ROOM and space and is an invitation for something more loving to take it’s place!

While the clearing and healing of this person, place or thing that has been out of alignment is quite the process, and can lead to a Dark Knight of the Soul, it’s an absolute necessary step to allow more space and something new and different to come in!

It’s ALL working for your BEST interest. Especially since it was done out of the very NEED to have what you want and desire to create!

So, while you’re saying yes to this one thing that’s not in alignment with you your desires, your greatest vision, there’s something waiting to come that IS matching what you’re actually wanting needing and LOVING!

So let’s recap:

What does it feel like being in alignment?
It feels easy
It feels light in your body
It doesn’t feel scattered in your brain
It feels clear and concise
It feels genuine and within integrity and justified
There’s a seep truth and you’ll KNOW it’s alignment and good for you and your vision for the life you are creating

What does it feel like to be out of alignment?
Full of fear
Like you’re not having your needs met
Or like you’ll be tripped up in something strange or weird with something or somebody
It’s not the WHOLE truth and you’ll feel like you’re playing along with something or someone

How do I find the courage to get myself into alignment you ask?
LOVE yourself. Love ALL of yourself! Love the unlovable spaces within you that you cannot even stand so that you may develop this courage, this ease, and this grace to set more loving, more healthy boundaries for beautiful, harmonious alignment and life that you’re conscious creating!

Once you start loving yourself unconditionally, it’ll become easy to follow the energy of deep, unconditional love available to you out into the world.

And you’ll never want anything less ever again.

So tell me about you? How can you tell if something is not in alignment with you, your desires and what you’re consciously creating with life? What are some of your own warning signs from the Universe that it’s time to cut chords and energy with something, somebody, or some place?

I’d love to hear below in the comments!

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