Building New Foundations

After we stopped communicating with my side of the family, a huge shift occurred within our own little family. Our priorities, our mindsets and our foundations became shaky. And then we started to rebuild.

My husband and I felt more connected to each other
I could express parts of me I didn’t even know I was hiding, a more soft gentler part of me.
I felt more embodied in my femininity because of how connected and deep my relationship went with my husband and his side of the family. 

I could HAVE FUN! I felt like I could play and laugh again with out hearing some ones else’s unwarranted opinion.  AND focus on things that were important TO ME instead of worrying about what other people were saying about me behind my back.

A weight had been lifted. I could be myself again.

It was an intense emotional uncovering patterns and habits that were established VERY early on in infancy for the very sake of survival.

Some of it was learned from other generations I was to learn.

Like shutting down my body in response to feeling good.

It was programmed into me through a LONG history of desensitization. (We can get into that later.)

But I broke us free.

My daughter is my everything in this process of healing and creating more solid boundaries and

BRAND NEW foundations that have NEVER

Been in place in the history of our families combined!

Like being more easeful and present. 

Like being loving and accepting of EXACTLY what is happening instead of running away and hiding from it. 

Like taking our time to make decisions instead of rushing or hurrying into something for the need to please someone else or make somebody else happy.

These are OUR new foundations. 

Building New Foundations

We’re Choosing love.

Love of ourselves, love of the present moment, love of each other.
The Love we carry in our hearts that make us SING

And love for future generations

And creating loving lasting relationships that matter.

So I have an invitation for YOU! 

If you’re feeling suppressed
Held down, held back
Frustrated infuriated
Then come.

Come see what’s happening in the stirrings of your soul with me.

Book the Foundations program from NOW until June 15th and receive a FREE group session! (valued at $150)

Sign up for a Connecting call to get started or email me here.

NOW taking the FIRST FIVE!
The first FIVE people who want to started in this journey.

To learn more about this opportunity, register online to be a part of a 5 video series being delivered straight to your inbox.

Join The 1st 5!

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THE BEST WAY to get started working with me is by simply reaching out and connecting, talking and getting to know me first.

Then if it FEELS good, then let’s play!

We can decide which service is best for you and how we can REALLY get started.

There were A LOT of practices in place to get me through this deeply healing and transformational time for us as a family. And I wish to be your guide and mentor through your own journey.
And I wish to guide you, hold you, and work with you together in your own healing journey.
For you, AND your family.

Because  I believe your story, your heart song, your joy, means something to everybody. We can ALL benefit from YOU rising.

Magic Blessings!

Thank you,
I’m looking forward to knowing some of you more deeply and love you along your journey too❤️

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Much love,

Majesstik Grace

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