Journey to Self-Love Vlog Series: The Intro

Intro_Journey to Self-Love

I’m SO excited to tell you all about my trip to Oregon, what it meant to me and why I decided to go!

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But most importantly, I felt like this trip to Oregon was a GREAT opportunity to document what happens when we step outside of our comfort zones, drop into our heart spaces, and RECEIVE the guidance that has been nudging at us and been yearning for us to answer.

What happens when we trust our inner knowingness?

What happens when your wanting, desiring comes true?

What happens when we feel into our intuitive hits and up-level our hearts?

I’ve always aimed to lead by example, I’m not afraid to share this very vulnerable tale.

I had the intention to go on retreat to let my heart burst WIDE OPEN to reveal to me what was on the other side.

I always knew a flowing, peaceful life was possible, but I hadn’t had an opportunity to reach for it, yet.

I wasn’t expecting what came out of me.

I wasn’t expecting to find so many pieces of myself.

I actually wasn’t expecting to feel as complete, and whole as I have.

I hope you all follow along with me over the next 4 days, into my very own personal Journey into Self-Love.


Video 1 will be revealed tomorrow where you can dive into the decision making experience with me.

What does it look and feel like to trust your gut on something that doesn’t make any logical sense?

You’ll get a glimpse of that in tomorrows video!

I’d love to hear  time where you took an intuitive piece of guidance, or a piece of your heart instead of your head and the outcome of it! Share it in the comments or reach out to me personally.

Don’t forget to check out my webpage to see how to work with me if you’re feeling the nudge.

We can also schedule some time to connect for free before we get started :).

Looking forward to sharing this Journey!

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