Journey to Self-Love Vlog Series: Leaning Into the Guidance

Yesterday I asked,

How have you trusted in your intuition today?

Have you said YES to yourself and the life that you are creating?

I’d love to here in the comments below, or reach out to me personally by using the form below if anything came up for you or you’re in the process of doing so!

That’s SO exciting!

Today, I dive into the feeling of trusting those nudges and being open to receiving even MORE intuitive guidance.


watch the youtube video here

How do you know when to follow your heart instead of your head?

What does it FEEL like in your body when you make a soul aligned decision?

Most of the time, scary!

But also quickly follows or supersedes that feeling with the feeling of FREEDOM!

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Tomorrows video is where it gets juicy.

It’s when all the grimlins come out to play to try and keep me at bay.

How do we work through that?

How do we handle the fear when we know something so deeply true?

See you there!


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