Dec. ’19 Energy Report Review



A Brief Review

I wanted to do this review LIVE as a video, however I’m honoring my energy and time especially during this BIG Cancer Full Moon eclipse season. 


SO here we are BACK on the blog! Yippeee! It actually feels really good to be back in this space, and if this is your first time here, HELLO! And welcome! 🙂

It’s a pleasure to have you here and I am honored!


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Ok let’s begin….


To follow along and get your own copy, download it for free here. 


I want to start with the intention behind this report in the first place.


I wanted to create something that was EXTREMELY useful for you to use on your own as your own intuitive compass and guide. 


I serve A LOT of Starseeds, which some of you know and some of whom don’t own it yet, BUT

I wanted to give you practical tools, exercises and energies to help yourself along the way especially during these REALLY REALLY REALLY powerful shifts that are happening. 


I have a dear friend on Instagram I follow who’s an astrologer who hits the nail on the head all the time, and I wanted to be a guide through these transitions as we’re moving through it! 


So here we are the first of this kind done and gone so I wanted to give some keys and clues to what you may have moved through and what may have come up. 

enrggdoraclecard copy

The months Oracle Card Reading

1st- The theme of friendship and connections

In the December guide I pulled the “Great Gathering” oracle card, and it was telling you to connect with Soul Tribe and some of the journal prompts were helping you connect to the meaning of your friendships and had you thinking about where your heart is taking you and who is drawing closer. 


This showed up A LOT for me and us collectively as we came to review who is in our immediate circles, how they are playing active roles in our lives and how we are resonating with them or NOT anymore. 


We either had to let go of some close ties, or build into new ones and trust the process that was unfolding. 


This is carrying us into 2020. BIG TIME. What is not for us in the long run is leaving and its leaving for GOOD and it can be REALLY easy once we see the lesson. Of course grieving is a necessity so don’t overlook that which I’ll be talking about here soon. 


This also has to do with the theme of Foundations that came up in the Anna card I drew. 


Who we roll with determines if we are building long term stable lives, or we are building it on shaky ground. No more shaky ground. We NEED solid stable. 


2nd- The theme of Jobs/Work

I had a pretty big break through last month about work and jobs and needing to recommit my attention and intentions going into 2020 and I HAD to let go of how I thought I was going to be generating income for me and my family, especially to receive what we are needing and wanting at this time. 


I also feel like this has to do with the Pillar of Light card I pulled for us in being our own oracles. 


I had to trust my inner instinct and guidance to fulfill that need for our family yet grieve and let go of my ego based thinking and wanting it to be the way I wanted it and Surrender to God’s timing and plans for us as a family. 


So yes! That means me getting a traditional job to bring in the bacon for our family to move forward easily! More on that as it develops its actually REALLY exciting! 


SO if this was you too I feel you. I see you and I KNOW especially as entrepreneurs how it can be a hit to our egos. But there’s greater plans so trust it! Lots of grieving involved. Trust the emotions and clear it all out baby, its safe. 


The journal prompt #3 was excellent to tap into this energy and #5 and #6 🙂 

Journal prompt 3: What “job” do I feel like I need to be doing?
Journal prompt 5: What’s ONE major thing I would like to change? 

Journal prompt 6: How can I Surrender more into the moment? 

3rd- The Theme of Nature!!!


Especially water! I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time at Lake Murray in one month. 

But it’s what I needed to feel grounded and whole a lot of the time. 

Water is a foundation to life so the more you drink it, the better off you will be AND remember to drink plenty as you move through heavy dense emotional energy. 

BOTH exercises this month required nature because or energies are so ungrounded. If you think about it we live life on the screen and are often connecting on screen and not enough in person. So to feel truly connected again, we must ground ourselves back into the physical and present moments. This is where magic happens. This is where it all is. Journal prompt 7 and 5 might help you with this theme. 

Journal Prompt 7: Where can I make space in my life for meditating?

I DID feel a lot of Angel energy last month, helping us move through these shifts into the New Year! I still feel ancient energy emerging to help us and guide us out of areas and spaces that no longer serve us, take advantage! 


Surrender into the unknown with open arms because its where you wanna be! 


Please never hesitate to reach out to me personally if these times are especially challenging. 


As a matter of fact I am currently holding Sliding Scale Oracle Card Readings with the NEW Starseed Oracle deck THIS Weekend! Jan.11th from 130-6pm, let me know if you want to fill a spot! 


They are $10-$25 up to you! Online Via Facebook Messenger video, OR FaceTime App on your Iphone. Comment below in the comments section or reach out via


Also, if this months energy report resonated with you in any way, don’t forget I offer Personalized Monthly Energy Reports with all this same great information especially built for YOU! 


Please visit the website for more. 




See you next month?! 


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