What’s a 5th Dimensional Family?

5D Families

My Personal Interpretation

Our world is so multidimensional inside of our physical reality but we haven’t yet learned as a society to honor the other multifaceted ways of Being yet.

When we learn how to tap into our emotions, sensitivities, and fine tune our personal energy fields, THIS is 5th dimensional energy and wisdom here on Earth.

This article is based off of intuitive, psychic, and collective information with what I know, right now, and have conceptualized in my very own experiences. There IS other information on more “elevated” and some not, frequencies, but for the purpose of the work I am doing, this is what I am presenting to you today!

So let me explain.

The 1st “dimension” is physical. It’s everything you can see hear smell, touch and taste. It’s Earth based. The 2nd dimension, is the body. It represents the Earth, is OF the Earth and lives within the Earth. The 3rd dimension is and 4th are integrated Earth and body and the 5th dimension is the non-physical world, where everything is energy within our physical reality, the existance of non-physical energies and entities and bodies, and as a society, we are coming into great grasps of this! EXCITING! An integration of BOTH physical And non-physical living harmoniously and integratively.

For example, the knowledge of how to work with our emotions in our bodies instead of ignoring them or feeding into negativity. WE begin to dictate and orchestrate our lives based off of the very awareness that WE are far more empowered than we believe in our energy!

Yes, there are other “higher” planes of this type of existance, where light and sound frequency reign, however our focus and intention here and in the work that I do is to awaken, heal, and support the 5th dimension, for now 😇.

Is there a hierarchy to these dimensions? Is one better than the other? My personal answer, is no.

They are all here to support us, love us and to be able to integrate them all together means more love, Grace and harmony here on Earth for humanity. For a LONG. LONG. LONG. Time!

If ANY of this means anything for you, or you’re feeling curious about it, YOU are here as part of this change and to be able to integrate these loving Divine energies for ALL of our body, minds and Spirits!

It means YOU are here to invoke change in the world in a BIG big way just by you being yourself unapologetically!

The more of your MOST authentic self you can share with this world, the better off we ALL will be in 5D!

Now how do you do that and what does that look like?

Well, first, you must be in alignment with your truest self.

Are you saying yes to what you really want to say no to?

Are you people pleasing or over stepping peoples boundaries?

Are you feeling tired and drained all of the time?

Is there something your heart is longing for, whether personally or in your business that you are currently NOT doing?

If you answered YES to any of these, this is not living within your most authentic truth.

If you answered NO to many of these, congratulations! You ARE a light worker here on Earth! You’re doing what you came here to do in the 5th Dimension!

So what does all this mean for our families?

If you’re living your fullest most authentic truth, you are provoking physical change just by your loving energy.

You’re breaking the rules and norms for our society, for our children to live and thrive in the 5th dimensional world!

You’re creating a WHOLE new world by lighting up what’s inside our your heart and through your family!

You’re a ripple in the pond.

You’re ideas and creativity set us  ALL FREE!

You become a mirror for the world to reflect back all the light that lives within us all.

And THAT my friends, is Magic!

Just by you being you and in fullest and highest alignment to your Truth and who you truly are inside, you pass a baton of light on to others and give them permission to do the same.

No matter how “challenging” no matter how you perceive the situation, whether you are triggering another persons with your light, YOU my friend have something to offer to this world just by doing that.

That person who you challenged or created “tension” with will go on to their own path, a lot of times without you, to then carry on more of their own light (or not) just because of the interaction with you!

Isn’t that amazing?!? That’s the 5D way of Being. Where you are aware of your own energy and being as a contribution to the whole.

So the more of our emotion and creativity can come to the light for others to see, WE are creating change and RAPIDLY! One. By. One. So our children can have a brighter, lighter, future together and so their children can enjoy an even BRIGHTER place where love and acceptance are the norm, no matter what it may look like on the outside. Emotions become energy, and we learn to move through these energies easily and gracefully.

Peaceful harmony is always the goal and intention, and nobody goes without.

Isn’t that the most ideal?

WE as mothers, fathers, caregivers, creators and artists CAN do that! All of us together!

The more of us that show up to our light and within our hearts in this world, THAT life, for ALL of us, IS possible!

So how are you going to be a part of the change?

What part of your light are willing to share?

How does your family want to be together in this world?

Because each of us matter.

Each. and every one of us, matter.

So how are you contributing to this world with your light?

What in your heart is wanting to come ALIVE to be a part of the greater whole for change?

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Self-Love & Acceptance

If you dug up a picture of me ten years ago or any other “embarrassing” thing of my past, I’d tell you how much I love that girl in the photo you have.

I’d tell you how she served me and loved me back and how much joy she’d bring to me.

I LOVE her.


I recently had an interesting interaction with somebody close to me.

It made me realize how much inner peace I have achieved, how far I’ve come, and how willing I am to move forward from everything.

I AM PROUD of myself in my healing.

I’ve let go of  A LOT of attachments to who I want people to be, or who I THINK I should be and who I THINK everyone else wants me to be.

I’m actually ok with exactly who I am! AND THAT’S SO LIBERATING!

I used to be afraid of “her”. The one that was soft and gentle with her heart wide open “ready to be broken”.

At least that’s what I was telling myself.

But now I realize there is power in my emotions.

There’s POWER in OWNING precisely who I may be in any given moment.

Me! Loving myself

@majesstikgrace on Instagram!

And despite what any one else is thinking about me, I LOVE me SO unconditionally, that I can now shrug my shoulders at anyone’s judgements of me. 

Because now I know it’s not about me. Their judgements of me, is more about them. 

And while I have cognitively known that, I’ve come into CONTACT with that and now embody that within me.

For instance, when I have a judgement about somebody else, I realize it’s just a deep, unloved place within myself.

Some of those things are harder to find than other, “because GOD forbid I be the same way!” as this person I’m judging.

Those things are REALLY good to look at because those judgements become barriers.

Barriers to love and true connection.

I’m ok with being seen now.

I VALUE being seen in my authenticity. What you see is what you get and I’m not apologizing!  (Unless I really need to of course).

And I set aside any judgements of myself which means I can love unconditionally.


I’ve found my strength in God, and strengthened my trust in him.

I‘ve found a church community to support me and love me through this. 

It was a weird thing for me (a judgement) to be in a church “worshiping” while also having these intuitive/mystical ways about my life.


Love is patient, love is kind! It does not envy….

I had to let it be seen and loved on before I could fully come into acceptance of who I was.

And I don’t hide this with my church family. I’m not afraid of being seen. 

God’s love for me is SO special to me. Now anything I do, (not that there was a lack of it, but just a lack of understanding), is done with him in mind, the greater good in mind, and love in mind.

It’s a whole new respect for what I do and who I do it for.

I feel more safe, and more seen with him on my side.

I let his love transform me and it’s been, I feel, the only way I’ve been able to move forward in a new, special way with my family. 

I’ve been in contact with them, and it’s been really revealing at how much I had resisted their love for me.

I held on to too many things. I wanted them to be something other than they were.

That was conditional love.

I’m so glad we took the time we needed to move forward for us to heal, and to realize how deeply I can allow myself to love again.

And I realize how that immaturity got in the way of connecting.

Now I can be more graceful to other people when they feel defensive against me.

I can love and respect people from afar because I realize their hurts, their pains, are not ultimately about me. It’s their story. Their journey. Their path to healing. 

I now realize it’s MY responsibility and my right to surround myself with people who are LIKE me, and who honor and respect me.

And I’m so proud of that!!!

This month I’m talking a lot about the Journey to Self-Love.

There will be a series of blogs RIGHT HERE beginning July 1st!

I can’t wait to love you and guide you through your own journey to Self-Love and Acceptance too!

Comment below with ONE thing you’d love to love more about yourself, or where you struggle to come into acceptance with in your life.

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Building New Foundations

After we stopped communicating with my side of the family, a huge shift occurred within our own little family. Our priorities, our mindsets and our foundations became shaky. And then we started to rebuild.

My husband and I felt more connected to each other
I could express parts of me I didn’t even know I was hiding, a more soft gentler part of me.
I felt more embodied in my femininity because of how connected and deep my relationship went with my husband and his side of the family. 

I could HAVE FUN! I felt like I could play and laugh again with out hearing some ones else’s unwarranted opinion.  AND focus on things that were important TO ME instead of worrying about what other people were saying about me behind my back.

A weight had been lifted. I could be myself again.

It was an intense emotional uncovering patterns and habits that were established VERY early on in infancy for the very sake of survival.

Some of it was learned from other generations I was to learn.

Like shutting down my body in response to feeling good.

It was programmed into me through a LONG history of desensitization. (We can get into that later.)

But I broke us free.

My daughter is my everything in this process of healing and creating more solid boundaries and

BRAND NEW foundations that have NEVER

Been in place in the history of our families combined!

Like being more easeful and present. 

Like being loving and accepting of EXACTLY what is happening instead of running away and hiding from it. 

Like taking our time to make decisions instead of rushing or hurrying into something for the need to please someone else or make somebody else happy.

These are OUR new foundations. 

Building New Foundations

We’re Choosing love.

Love of ourselves, love of the present moment, love of each other.
The Love we carry in our hearts that make us SING

And love for future generations

And creating loving lasting relationships that matter.

So I have an invitation for YOU! 

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Held down, held back
Frustrated infuriated
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There were A LOT of practices in place to get me through this deeply healing and transformational time for us as a family. And I wish to be your guide and mentor through your own journey.
And I wish to guide you, hold you, and work with you together in your own healing journey.
For you, AND your family.

Because  I believe your story, your heart song, your joy, means something to everybody. We can ALL benefit from YOU rising.

Magic Blessings!

Thank you,
I’m looking forward to knowing some of you more deeply and love you along your journey too❤️

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