Magic Mothers MeetUp

We’re excited to have you join us for a Magic Mothers MeetUp!

This is a fun, safe space for us as women, families, and friends of ALL shapes and sizes to

come together, get intentional and dive deep into our Souls growth and alignment with each other.

Together we offer each other love, support, encouragement, and friendship unlike anything out there.

In this group, we desire:

  • more ease
  • A Spiritually aligned life
  • A Soulful, heart centered presence
  • to make a difference with our lives for the lives of others
  • to raise the vibration for the whole
  • heal our wounds to be of service and presence to the world
  • to live and grow holistically (with the body, mind, and spirit)

We are a community! And we encourage and love each other for where we are.

Please join us at the next MeetUp!


We’re building a community Faerie Garden!

We’re gathering to revitalize our imaginations and playfulness with the faeries and our kiddos!

Come play with us as we build something special for the community to enjoy!

We’ll also be learning something new and exciting to tantalize our imaginations and creativity.

Moms, dads and kids of all ages welcome to this magical circle of mothers <3.

We’ll begin by:

invoking and asking the faeries to come help us and play as we build this very special community faerie garden.

I’ll be giving some history and background, and also telling you more about why I chose this space to create it!

We also learn more about our imaginations and our third eye and why its important to cultivate this awareness around it and nurture it in our children while we enjoy a little community lunch.

I’ll open the floor for a quick Q&A and if you feel called to it, we’ll be doing an oracle card reading from the Fae!

Then at about 12:15 pm we’ll begin building with our new sense of inspiration and play.

After we feel complete, and to end the building and inspiration, we’ll give a HUGE thanks tot he faeries for giving us the inspiration and help that we needed to complete this amazing new community project for ALL to enjoy.

What do you need to bring?

Your imagination!

Some fun!

A piece of faerie, unicorn, gnome, or

flower arrangement to contribute to the community faerie garden.

DON’T worry, I will try to have plenty on hand if you forget one to put together this master piece.

Join the Facebook Event page or register using the form below and to RSVP!

Just type in, “I’m Going” in the comments.

Also, follow me on Instagram for real time conversations and connection.

We can’t wait to see you!

Please contact me directly using this form below if there are any questions, comments, or concerns.

Also, considering donating to the efforts of this group by becoming a Patron  for a special shout out, OR donating a small amount to my Venmo account! It’s FREE and easy!


Many many many thanks Mamas!



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