Pleasure & Play Workshop


This is for you mama if: 

  • You’re feeling disconnected from your beliefs or values as a family
  • You’re feeling at a crossroads & need to make decisions for yourself for your family
  • You’re wanting to feel more connected to your intuition and use it wisely
  • You need more clarity on what it is you’re desiring out of life OR
  • You’re wanting to feel less ashamed or guilty for what you’re wanting for yourself and your family

Pleasure N Play Replay

Connecting your way back into your own inner wisdom and knowing. Please leave your e-mail address(es) in the comments section so I know where it’s going!


What Lights You Up & Turns You ON?!

Come learn:

💖How to Tap into Your Hearts Truest Desires
💖Begin to Get Reconnected to Yourself
💖What Makes You Feel Good
💖Learn About The Sacral Chakra
💖Learn about to Deepening Intimacy with Yourself
💖What’s Blocking You From Receiving?
💖Speaking Your Truth &
💖The Throat Chakra

Free yourself!

What do I need to bring? 

A paper and pen, or your favorite journal

A glass of water or a cup of relaxing tea

A quiet, safe space to enjoy some meditation/visualizations

I cannot wait!

Questions or comments before you begin? Ask me below!


See You There Mama!


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