What Does It Take to Break Cycles and Patterns?

Overcoming traumas and formulating our own awarenesses

I’m currently undergoing massive shifts in my own personal life.

As you know from my last few emails (get on the list here) and from my YouTube “Update” vlog and from my previous blogs (the one about realigning),

I stopped talking to my immediate family about 3 months ago.

Complete no contact. Nobody.

And what has been happening is a deep uncovering, healing and transformation from healing of traumas.

Overcoming emotional abuse and neglect.

I’m reprogramming old beliefs about myself and the world, that were SO deeply ingrained into me and now, I have fallen into Trust and Surrender once again.

I’m letting go of deep fears. What if I will never see them again? Who will love and support me? AM I EVER going to find my SOUL family? What does this mean for me and our little family? Will my daughter hate me? Or will she be able to forget?

Breaking myself open AGAIN. This is what that looks like right now:  “I NEED to open my heart in order to receive what I want. I NEED to be seen in who I AM in order to call in more of my tribe. I NEED to do this thing (which I’ll reveal soon) that will set my soul ON FIRE!!!”

And reconnecting the dots of my own soul and Spirit.

And in doing so, I’ve reclaimed most of my power back.

I’ve finally found boundaries that work for me.

I’ve found new ways to take care of myself.

I’ve found strength. Wisdom. And gentleness inside that I knew existed, but was covered up for fear of being seen. (The emotional neglect and abuse part.)

I was hiding underneath everyone else’s perceptions of me. Who I HAD to be in order to get my needs met for that amount of  time in my life.

Now, I see.

I see all the ways in which this conditioning has hurt me.

I see the ways in which my heart had to stay closed.

And in order to move forward, and really SERVE in the way I’ve been wanting,

I’ve  had to set MYSELF free!

And it took these 3 things to get there.

1) Worthiness– feeling worthy enough to receive the life I dreamed. A fun, easy going, emotionally intelligent, loving life. I had to BELIEVE with ALL of my being I was WORTH it. And I am.

2)Confidence– I had to stand STRONG in my convictions of worthiness even in the deepest darkest of times and in the thick of situations, I had to CONFIDENTLY stand up for what is TRUE for ME.

3)Self-Love– I’ve had to love ALL these unloved parts of myself. I’ve had to learn. I’ve had to SEE how my thoughts influence my reality and how I’ve played a part in EVERYTHING. I’ve had to love it. Thank it. And let it GROW. I felt WORTHY enough to do that. I felt WORTHY enough to deeply love and appreciate myself.

If I didn’t have these things, I wouldn’t have had the courage to give myself the type of FREEDOM I was looking for. The type of FEELING GOOD that I was WANTING for myself and what I wanted for us a family of three to experience on the DAILY!

And as long as I’m giving myself what I am worth, I’m GOOD. SO GOOD!!!!!!

Even in my own relationship with my husband, I can’t worry about making him happy. He has his own path to walk and if we can do it together AMAZING! STUPENDOUS!!! even.

But if I’m NOT giving myself what I am worth, then I know I will be in suffering.

I’ll fall out of alignment with my truest Self and that’s when life becomes HARD.

There multiple layers as to WHY I am so passionate about working with mothers but for the most part, it’s because I’ve been so disempowered and I have risen from the deepest of the deep, that I know what it feels like to find my own light without the love nor support of my very own family. And my mission is to reconnect us all back to that within our own conscious families. 

This has ALSO required me to let go of multiple roles and rules to life that I grew up knowing.

It was the type of program running in my head that  had me putting everyone else’s needs and wants before my own.

It was limiting behavior to keep me small and out of my own light.

Rules  like:

Like I HAD to sit still in my chair when eating

I COULDN’T let myself be silly with my child and LIKE it!

I couldn’t PLAY and be happy.

And I HAD to anticipate the needs of somebody else to make them happy (the trauma of abuse)

I HAD to walk on eggshells around everybody to ensure my physical and emotional safety

I HAD to do EVERYTHING right in order to be seen as a “good girl”! (even though there was no pleasing anybody)

But those rules no longer apply here!!!

That was  just what my brain was telling me.

I’m restructuring and reestablishing habits, emotion patterns and cycles that ACTUALLY serve me in my heart desires and moving forward into the light of my truth and SHOWING UP as my whole Self.

It’s not easy.

But I know anything is possible through Trust and Faith.

I am limitless!

And so are you.

You know, I ask myself everyday now “is this serving me? Or am I busy pleasing somebody else?”

We are hardwired  to please others. Especially as a baby.

We have to ensure our very survival.

So as an adult it can be hard to let go of those very things that kept us going and alive for all of those years, and behaviors, patterns and cycles that no longer SERVE us as we want to reconstruct and rebuild a life that we LIKE and FEELS GOOD to US!

It can be scary, hell even terrifying to establish these new ways of being.

But that’s what it’s all about.

That’s how we evolve. THAT’S how we grow.

“What do cycles and patterns look like within your family unit? How can we identify them to move forward and do the work to break them if they are no longer serving us?” You ask.

The perfect example of this is through the movie Coco.

Coco LOVES and wants to be a musician but his family has banned ANY type of music because of the relationship Coco’s great great grandfather and great great grandmother had together.

His great great grandma felt abandoned by her musician husband and when the truth was uncovered (spoiler alert) that he was murdered, they could move on and ALL live happily ever after

But UNTIL Coco came along, everyone was in the pattern and emotional cycles of NOT allowing music within the family, at the detriment of their growth as Coco came along.

We let so much of the past inform our future.

Please, let us ALL break free from that.

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Thank you so much for being here and seeing me through my own transformation.

I can’t wait to reveal more of how I’m moving forward into my light!


What does being in Alignment mean?

And what does it have to do with manifesting?

What is it like being in Alignment with the life you are trying to create?
Why does it feel like life can be HARD sometimes?
How do we redirect this energy in a more positive way?

Let’s examine what it’s like to be in alignment with the life you’re creating and how GOOD it feels to be in this flow of life.

Let’s say you’re wanting to create something new in your life, whether it be a business, a new lifestyle, or build new foundations for you and your family.

Once you get CLEAR, down to every detail on what it looks like on what you need what you want and HOW you want it to feel, (a.k.a visualization)

ANYTHING less than what you have imagined for yourself is a NO,

because it’s crystal clear to you what you need, what you want, and HOW you want to feel!

You already know the answers to what you are seeking once you gain this type of conscious clarity with life and the Universe.

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz: Protection, Unconditional Love, Grace & Clarity

THAT’S what we Spiritual Teachers, seekers and doers mean by being in alignment. (and also a hint of Manifesting).

It’s being laser focused and clear in your body, mind, and Your Spirit on what is good for you, your highest and greatest good and what you are TRULY desiring and co-creating out of life (the manifesting part).

Anything that does NOT match this idea of what you need, want and desire, and HOW you long to FEEL is being done out of fear.

It’s out of alignment, it isn’t loving energy and this fear, is taking up energetic space in your life!

It becomes difficult to manifest, it becomes strenuous, and HARD to live life, it becomes hard to trust in the timing of everything,

it makes it difficult to RECEIVE that at which you’re desiring, and sometimes can even be OVERWHELMING in everyday life.

For example, answering a phone call from somebody that continuously angers and upsets you.

While there are multiple layers to this aspect, let’s examine it from alignments sake.

Two people are ALLOWED not to get along. (Spirituality doesn’t teach you that much most of the time.)

Sometimes there are karmic imprints that are meant to be fulfilled on both sides.
Somebody is meant to say “NO. I’m not doing this.”
“This isn’t good for me.”
“It doesn’t FEEL good to me.”
“I’m moving on with my life.”

This the HARDNESS of the relationship is telling you that this person, is out of alignment with whom you are meant to be and what you are TRULY wanting (that clarity part).

Of course, there are the mirroring aspects as to which you may be meant to learn more about yourself through them, or the triggering aspects as to which these triggers are wounds that are meant to be healed through, however, when ALL of these aspects are exhausted,
and there are no other charges to be examined,
it’s time to pull the energetic plug.
It’s time to say NO.
It’s time to set a boundary and clear out the energetics between you and this things that is out of alignment so that you may invite, and introduce more loving,
forgiving, and healthy Qi energy back into the area of your life where this said person, place or thing was taking up too much energetic space.

It makes ROOM and space and is an invitation for something more loving to take it’s place!

While the clearing and healing of this person, place or thing that has been out of alignment is quite the process, and can lead to a Dark Knight of the Soul, it’s an absolute necessary step to allow more space and something new and different to come in!

It’s ALL working for your BEST interest. Especially since it was done out of the very NEED to have what you want and desire to create!

So, while you’re saying yes to this one thing that’s not in alignment with you your desires, your greatest vision, there’s something waiting to come that IS matching what you’re actually wanting needing and LOVING!

So let’s recap:

What does it feel like being in alignment?
It feels easy
It feels light in your body
It doesn’t feel scattered in your brain
It feels clear and concise
It feels genuine and within integrity and justified
There’s a seep truth and you’ll KNOW it’s alignment and good for you and your vision for the life you are creating

What does it feel like to be out of alignment?
Full of fear
Like you’re not having your needs met
Or like you’ll be tripped up in something strange or weird with something or somebody
It’s not the WHOLE truth and you’ll feel like you’re playing along with something or someone

How do I find the courage to get myself into alignment you ask?
LOVE yourself. Love ALL of yourself! Love the unlovable spaces within you that you cannot even stand so that you may develop this courage, this ease, and this grace to set more loving, more healthy boundaries for beautiful, harmonious alignment and life that you’re conscious creating!

Once you start loving yourself unconditionally, it’ll become easy to follow the energy of deep, unconditional love available to you out into the world.

And you’ll never want anything less ever again.

So tell me about you? How can you tell if something is not in alignment with you, your desires and what you’re consciously creating with life? What are some of your own warning signs from the Universe that it’s time to cut chords and energy with something, somebody, or some place?

I’d love to hear below in the comments!

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