True Hearts Tarot Readings

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I was talking to a friend and, like most women I tend to run into, feel at odds with where she currently is.

She has an idea of what she likes, what she wants, BUT

there’s SOMETHING getting in the way.

There’s a BLOCK to what she’s envisioning.

This sessions is helping you by:

– Access higher parts of your own wisdom
-Gain clarity around what you already know in your body and Spirit
-Empowers you to make BIG decisions
-Gives you CONFIDENCE to move forward into DOING more towards what is setting your soul on fire 🔥
-Being in loving acceptance of who YOU truly are 💖


True Hearts Tarot Readings


These are JUST the beginnings to the REAL deep work we do together

it’s to give YOU the authority, the power and awareness to say YES to yourself in a way you may not even be giving yourself today!

So here she is! What do you get?

  • $80 for 1 hr. Zoom Meeting
  • 3 Tarot Card “The Now, Future Spread” AND
  • Identifying 3 Blockages to your hearts calling and clarity for where you currently are!


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