I was always open to mediums, healings, readings and so on all of my life and I was always pulled towards it all and had my share of coming across gifted people who had these ability’s and gifts but

I never walked away with the sense of satisfaction or thinking to myself wow this has forever changed me or wow this was the confirmation I needed!

I found myself searching for that feeling and never being able to get that,  now fast forward to my first encounter with “Majesstik herself and wow….. after my first meeting with her which was in November of 2017 that time was a down time, times were hard I was out of a job, I was going from interview to interview and feeling a sense of defeat and unsure what would happen.

It just so happen that around that time Jesyka was offering readings at a local coffee shop and something told me go!

So I went and  let me just say this for the first ever I was able to walk away with that satisfaction and confirmation I was always looking for I walked away with  a overwhelming feeling of peace and I just felt that everything would be okay that very same day I received a call from the job that I am currently still at a year later! offering me the position I interviewed for! Majesstik told me that I would be getting this job! I can’t explain how overwhelmed with emotion I was and how much gratitude I had for Jesyka!  This was just one of many times that she has helped me. With Majesstik’s  help I have been able to continuously work on a better me loving my self more putting myself first learning how to be a better partner, understanding both of our needs and how to grow together  learning how to let things go or people who no longer serve me purpose!  Also to go after whatever my heart desires without fear! reaching out to my angels and ask them for guidance, taking time for myself, meditating,! I can go on and on,  but  there would be no way I could have done this without Majesstik! She has shown me the strength that’s always been in me and how to use it! 

Saving the best for last with Majesstik’s beautiful abilities I was able to come in contact with my loved ones who are no longer here and wow! Just wow!

That is a day I will never forget!

I was able to get the beautiful messages that my loved ones wanted me to know and what  I needed to hear the feeling that I felt that day is unexplainable!

There was so much confirmation In the messages that were given to me! It let me know exactly what I needed to do and what was coming my way In time!

That day and moment meant the world to me!

I can never thank Majesstik enough! There was so much happiness and tears that day!

Majesstik has helped me in more ways than she will ever know!

I cannot and will not see myself ever going to anyone else!

Thank you so much Majesstik you are an angel! 

❤ Rita Z.

Cosmic Confirmations & Grace

A caring empath, an intuitive old soul,

that is the best way to describe Jesyka.   

 Sensitive and caring.

  Always seeking ways to help people, but in particular, women in need. 

Searching for better ways to serve, to release humanity from shame and guilt.

Learning and teaching old ways of parenting that have been long forgotten, with the pursuit of making a better tomorrow by rising complete little humans. 

Always seeking truth, nature and the flow of energy. 

Jesyka is a gift to the world.  It’s always an honor to collaborate with her.  

Kelly Gonzalez

For The Future

I met with Jess last year to have an angel reading and to have my energy cleansed.

I had my cards read by another person a while ago who told me that I had a dark energy surrounding me.

After careful consideration, I reached out to Jess to have a cleansing and a reading. I’ve known Jess for a while, but not in this capacity and I was unsure of the entire reading.

She immediately made me feel comfortable and let me know everything was going to be alright. She was able to cleanse me, read my cards, and gave me hope for the future.

After the reading, she dedicated herself to ensuring that I was satisfied with her services.

It was great hearing from someone who truly seemed invested in me.

I highly recommend Jess to anyone who is unsure about their next steps. Career choices, big life movements, our just general guidance, she’s the best person to help you see your true self and the path you should be on. 

-Vanessa Q. of San Diego

Highly Recommended

Through her strength and energy, Jesyka graced me with an unforgettable experience, I was able to make certain decisions that were a huge part of my direction as well as with my connections.

Since our session, I’ve been able to find more clarity in my business, as well as begin to learn to accept the present and manifest what you truly believe is best for you (business and personal).

Love is in the air, and I talking about that real kind of love that we can share with the world, Jesyka shared that with me through her energy practice.

After seeing Jesyka in person again and catching up, I realized how she truly guided me through so much of what I’ve experienced lately!!

The span of about 6 months, from our session and when we saw each other again, was full of new opportunity and unity of my relationships.


I have been able to hold an intention for my work and connect more deeply to my purpose. Part of my purpose is to love.


To receive love and to give love. I’m learning more about loving myself and how that must come first, I must heal myself within before I can heal others, though I can still grace others with love and embrace compassion.


I have practiced more compassion for my work and how I can follow the direction and trust the universe so long as I continue to practice letting go. Letting go of what is no longer serving me well.  


In those 6 months, I made so much progress with my business and being closer to the goal of my main source of income being from my business (I have a part-time job.)


I also used to have to 2 part-time jobs but I realized I wasn’t spending sufficient time for my business FIRST and relying too heavily on a stable paycheck.


I may have a different way of doing things but I need to take these kinds of risks if I want to keep growing and pushing myself onward!


I gained more time to focus on my business and myself personally. I gained a ton of new mental space since I was no longer doing things for another business that I wasn’t even doing for my own. (I loved the other part-time job because the people I worked with were amazing, I just realized after enough time that it was no longer serving me, not that it never served me.)


I also gained knowledge from taking time to work with others and help them grow as much as I wanted to with them! 


I also attended a 10-day [silent] Vipassana Meditation course and it was the most incredible and awakening experience I’ve ever had.


I made the decision to attend the course after my session with Jesyka.


In a way, I feel as though my session with Jesyka really kickstarted my journey and experience of clarity. My word for 2018 is Clarity and Jesyka contributed to that growth in my life and understanding of myself 10 fold!

I have truly been able to experience change and understand that change is everything in this life. I am observing the change that I am experiencing and I am allowing myself to FEEL and sense that change.

Thank you beyond measure, Jesyka, for blessing me with your knowledge and healing, and for guiding me to see my path. 

I can do nothing but encourage others to talk with Jesyka and learn how she can help you.

Jesyka is a gem and I am grateful and humbled to have shared such a powerful experience.

Bronwyn Huddleson

Jesyka is the real deal.  I had the pleasure of meeting her through mutual friends, and I knew immediately she was meant to be in my life.

I am a soul-centered entrepreneur using business to make positive changes in the world.

I am passionately obsessed with empowering others and I am constantly creating and developing ways to impact more lives.

As I spend lots and lots of time leading, teaching, and serving other human-beings, I often find myself weighed down by the energetic exchanges.

As I spend lots and lots of time leading, teaching, and serving other human-beings, I often find myself weighed down by the energetic exchanges.

During the fall of last year, I had an unfortunate confrontation with a former employee that was determined to hurt me with words. I held my composure as best as I could, but his words stung.  I knew exactly what he was doing, and it worked. He managed to instill some self-doubt within me.

A few weeks later, I was still feeling unsure about my footing as a leader to my team and didn’t have as much confidence about my abilities.

One night, out of the blue, I received a text message from Jesyka.

She explained in her text that after a meditation she was being guided to contact me.  

She said that my guides wanted me to get my crown chakra cleared and that it had something to do with a person that said something to me about being a boss that set me off balance. And because of what was said to me,

I was no longer accessing my higher self as well as before.

Of course, I knew exactly what she was referring to, so I set up an appointment for an energetic clearing.

Our session together was extremely powerful.

I could feel the shift in my being as we worked together to clear out the fear and bring me back to my truth.  

Her warmth and gentle nature combined with her incredible natural gifts of healing and intuition make her an easy ally and I am so happy I have her on my team.

She is incredibly accurate with her insights and she feels what you feel.  

When you are in the throws of an emotional contraction, she is right there in the trenches with you.

She will hold your hand literally and figuratively and see through to the other side.

I spend my days empowering others and I call on her when I need to be empowered myself.

Denise Clifton of Pupologie

Entrepreneur and Speaker

Empowering the Empowered

I met with Jesyka for coffee and a free session that I won during one of her awesome online classes. I felt so excited to have the opportunity to see her work first hand. We started with a tarot card reading and from there her magic unfolded before my eyes! Jesyka helped me discover an energy that I had been holding on to deeply that stemmed from a family member. This feeling was that my successes were not good enough and that I was not able to celebrate my accomplishments. Instead, I would criticize and have negative emotions or wonder how I can do better. Jesyka helped me bring this to the surface and cleared that energy helping me realize I am just perfect as I am and to celebrate my accomplishments while still striving to always be better. The greatest gift was when she connected to my Grandmother who passed away many years ago. Jesyka literally became my Grandma! It was so incredible to witness and I am so grateful for her gifts. My Grandma let me know that she is always with my daughter, dancing with her, cheering her on and loving her. She also fiercely told me that now is the time to make the things happen in my business that I have been wanting. I left the session with Jesyka feeling so light, peaceful, calm, inspired, motivated, in awe of what just happened and wanting more! Jesyka is truly a magical being and I will continue recommending people experience her healing powers for themselves. You never know what she will help you discover!

– Breanne Sickinger
Visions Created Events
Owner and Event Planner

Brea of Visions Created Events