I was always open to mediums, healings, readings and so on all of my life and I was always pulled towards it all and had my share of coming across gifted people who had these ability’s and gifts but

I never walked away with the sense of satisfaction or thinking to myself wow this has forever changed me or wow this was the confirmation I needed!

I found myself searching for that feeling and never being able to get that,  now fast forward to my first encounter with “Majesstik herself and wow….. after my first meeting with her which was in November of 2017 that time was a down time, times were hard I was out of a job, I was going from interview to interview and feeling a sense of defeat and unsure what would happen.

It just so happen that around that time Jesyka was offering readings at a local coffee shop and something told me go!

So I went and  let me just say this for the first ever I was able to walk away with that satisfaction and confirmation I was always looking for I walked away with  a overwhelming feeling of peace and I just felt that everything would be okay that very same day I received a call from the job that I am currently still at a year later! offering me the position I interviewed for! Majesstik told me that I would be getting this job! I can’t explain how overwhelmed with emotion I was and how much gratitude I had for Jesyka!  This was just one of many times that she has helped me. With Majesstik’s  help I have been able to continuously work on a better me loving my self more putting myself first learning how to be a better partner, understanding both of our needs and how to grow together  learning how to let things go or people who no longer serve me purpose!  Also to go after whatever my heart desires without fear! reaching out to my angels and ask them for guidance, taking time for myself, meditating,! I can go on and on,  but  there would be no way I could have done this without Majesstik! She has shown me the strength that’s always been in me and how to use it! 

Saving the best for last with Majesstik’s beautiful abilities I was able to come in contact with my loved ones who are no longer here and wow! Just wow!

That is a day I will never forget!

I was able to get the beautiful messages that my loved ones wanted me to know and what  I needed to hear the feeling that I felt that day is unexplainable!

There was so much confirmation In the messages that were given to me! It let me know exactly what I needed to do and what was coming my way In time!

That day and moment meant the world to me!

I can never thank Majesstik enough! There was so much happiness and tears that day!

Majesstik has helped me in more ways than she will ever know!

I cannot and will not see myself ever going to anyone else!

Thank you so much Majesstik you are an angel! 

❤ Rita Z.

Cosmic Confirmations & Grace