I met with Jesyka for coffee and a free session that I won during one of her awesome online classes. I felt so excited to have the opportunity to see her work first hand. We started with a tarot card reading and from there her magic unfolded before my eyes! Jesyka helped me discover an energy that I had been holding on to deeply that stemmed from a family member. This feeling was that my successes were not good enough and that I was not able to celebrate my accomplishments. Instead, I would criticize and have negative emotions or wonder how I can do better. Jesyka helped me bring this to the surface and cleared that energy helping me realize I am just perfect as I am and to celebrate my accomplishments while still striving to always be better. The greatest gift was when she connected to my Grandmother who passed away many years ago. Jesyka literally became my Grandma! It was so incredible to witness and I am so grateful for her gifts. My Grandma let me know that she is always with my daughter, dancing with her, cheering her on and loving her. She also fiercely told me that now is the time to make the things happen in my business that I have been wanting. I left the session with Jesyka feeling so light, peaceful, calm, inspired, motivated, in awe of what just happened and wanting more! Jesyka is truly a magical being and I will continue recommending people experience her healing powers for themselves. You never know what she will help you discover!

– Breanne Sickinger
Visions Created Events
Owner and Event Planner

Brea of Visions Created Events