Through her strength and energy, Jesyka graced me with an unforgettable experience, I was able to make certain decisions that were a huge part of my direction as well as with my connections.

Since our session, I’ve been able to find more clarity in my business, as well as begin to learn to accept the present and manifest what you truly believe is best for you (business and personal).

Love is in the air, and I talking about that real kind of love that we can share with the world, Jesyka shared that with me through her energy practice.

After seeing Jesyka in person again and catching up, I realized how she truly guided me through so much of what I’ve experienced lately!!

The span of about 6 months, from our session and when we saw each other again, was full of new opportunity and unity of my relationships.


I have been able to hold an intention for my work and connect more deeply to my purpose. Part of my purpose is to love.


To receive love and to give love. I’m learning more about loving myself and how that must come first, I must heal myself within before I can heal others, though I can still grace others with love and embrace compassion.


I have practiced more compassion for my work and how I can follow the direction and trust the universe so long as I continue to practice letting go. Letting go of what is no longer serving me well.  


In those 6 months, I made so much progress with my business and being closer to the goal of my main source of income being from my business (I have a part-time job.)


I also used to have to 2 part-time jobs but I realized I wasn’t spending sufficient time for my business FIRST and relying too heavily on a stable paycheck.


I may have a different way of doing things but I need to take these kinds of risks if I want to keep growing and pushing myself onward!


I gained more time to focus on my business and myself personally. I gained a ton of new mental space since I was no longer doing things for another business that I wasn’t even doing for my own. (I loved the other part-time job because the people I worked with were amazing, I just realized after enough time that it was no longer serving me, not that it never served me.)


I also gained knowledge from taking time to work with others and help them grow as much as I wanted to with them! 


I also attended a 10-day [silent] Vipassana Meditation course and it was the most incredible and awakening experience I’ve ever had.


I made the decision to attend the course after my session with Jesyka.


In a way, I feel as though my session with Jesyka really kickstarted my journey and experience of clarity. My word for 2018 is Clarity and Jesyka contributed to that growth in my life and understanding of myself 10 fold!

I have truly been able to experience change and understand that change is everything in this life. I am observing the change that I am experiencing and I am allowing myself to FEEL and sense that change.

Thank you beyond measure, Jesyka, for blessing me with your knowledge and healing, and for guiding me to see my path. 

I can do nothing but encourage others to talk with Jesyka and learn how she can help you.

Jesyka is a gem and I am grateful and humbled to have shared such a powerful experience.

Bronwyn Huddleson