I met with Jess last year to have an angel reading and to have my energy cleansed.

I had my cards read by another person a while ago who told me that I had a dark energy surrounding me.

After careful consideration, I reached out to Jess to have a cleansing and a reading. I’ve known Jess for a while, but not in this capacity and I was unsure of the entire reading.

She immediately made me feel comfortable and let me know everything was going to be alright. She was able to cleanse me, read my cards, and gave me hope for the future.

After the reading, she dedicated herself to ensuring that I was satisfied with her services.

It was great hearing from someone who truly seemed invested in me.

I highly recommend Jess to anyone who is unsure about their next steps. Career choices, big life movements, our just general guidance, she’s the best person to help you see your true self and the path you should be on. 

-Vanessa Q. of San Diego

Highly Recommended